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cnc turned machined parts

Manufacturing Services

GMR, a leading manufacturer in its region, provides production in the metal manufacturing sector with various CNC turning and milling machines. It supplies a wide range of machining needs, particularly in the automotive sub-industry and machinery manufacturing sectors.
As a leading manufacture, GMR also has the ability to support external side processes in order to save cost and time.

logistic services

Procurement & Logistic Services

In addition to our CNC-machining capability, we work directly with various manufacturers of industrial products and raw materials who have strong production lines, wide range manufacturing capabilities and the necessary quality certificates. We play a key role in supporting our customers’ projects by focusing on the competitive price, timely delivery of supplies and services that are value for money and compliant with regulatory and international requirements.

iş görüşmesi
cnc machining


GMR Endüstri Teknik is a foreign trade company, which is supplying custom made drawing parts and industrial products from Turkish Industry according to variable customer demands. We are located in Bursa, Turkey where is the heart of Turkish manufacturing industry.

We are certified by ISO 9001:2015 .


We especially focus on custom made parts for European automotive manufacturers and their suppliers. We supply precision CNC turned & machined parts, cold & hot forged parts, powder metallurgy parts, special fixing elements, sheet-metal parts, welded components, aluminium injection moulding and fine casting parts for automotive and various industries.


The range of products that can be supplied by us with ease of access to powerful factories located in the surrounding provinces are quite large. Apart from semi-finished and finished products, we can supply various raw materials and industrial products like;

- Raw materials in bar, profile, pipe, sheet or coil form made from steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminium and copper
- Extruded or cast plastic sheets (PMMA, PP, PC, PS and it's derivatives)
- Aluminium composite panels (ACP) and insulation materials

- Clean water, drainage, geothermal, HDPE pipes and fittings

- Geotextile and polyester felt products
- Various aluminium foils and packaging products


and all kind of your industrial demands can also be supplied by GMR with required certificates and test reports if necessary.









For any inquiries, questions or co-operation please send us an email or fill out the following form.

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GMR Endüstri Teknik
Kayapa Mah. Mavi Cadde No:43/B Nilüfer BURSA
Tel: +90 542 360 45 12

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